Pokemon Battle Discs.

These little cardboard disks came with the old Hasbro packaged Tomy figures. I believe there is one for each of the 251 Pokemon that first appeared in the first and second sets of games Red/Blue and Gold/Silver, or at least most of them.

I don't have them all, and if anyone has pictures of the ones I don't have, I'd love to see them. I'm not looking to buy at the moment though.

Pictures under the cut

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Tomy Pokemon Figures: Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova

Tomy Pokemon Figures: Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova

These are Tomy figures of the Pokemon that first appeared in the third, fourth, and fith, sets of games. I have a lot less of these than I do the others so I just combined them all into the same post, but there are still lots!

I also have rotation pictures of most of the regular pose figures from the Kanto and Johto sets in separate posts in my journal.

Look under the cut for LOTS of images.

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Tomy Pokemon Figure Custom eBay Search

Tomy Pokemon Figure Custom eBay Search and Bootleg Exclusion List

Hello everyone. I've gotten a lot of comments from people who like my collection and I thought I'd try and make a helpful post for other collectors.

This is my custom eBay search specifically geared towards finding authentic Tomy Pokemon figures. There are some great bootleg exclusion lists for plush and Pokemon merchandise in general, but I couldn't find one specific to Tomy figures and I thought a specific search guide in this area would be helpful.

so here it is:

1. Click advanced to the right of the search button.

2. Type "Pokemon figures" in the search terms box.

3. To screen out unrelated Pokemon auctions, paste these terms in the word exclusion box
directly below the search terms box:

plush cards card zukan jakks bandai kids pcs gashpon doll

4. Check Title and description.

5. Scroll down until you see the bold heading "sellers." Click the "Only show items from"
check box to enable the fields. MAKE SURE YOU CHOSE "EXCLUDE" from the drop down menu. It
is set to include by default.

6. Paste this exclusion list in the box:

versapronec sweetpigster happywin12009 lisalyn4 digitalzones wood-view lencandy18 everbit09 beautylife0908 kelvin580 beautylife0908 knxstore little_pepper333 edealsales08 gotoparadise poke8899 charvault artworkschina bbjin08 mr.makmak blolootoo click4toys jwy_anime sylvester1017 honeyb161616 semmen2008 happystar_jo yyibao longwithyou888 posthk 10happybuying jimmyuki jvaq mr.mcdull2008 chaktalent postcus fashion_supper_shop2009 guoxiong088 ykcjoe1969 jieleung1987 doublelin2010 jerrylee-hk milkntea88 jieleung1987 my3888hk cutietoyhk mark-xuan ld1405 crazy-shop2010 ivy-song bluebluejee toygalera xm_733e2009 besttoystore1 eastenred lqhope09 yougainmore sunnymew toys360 sonicrgq kplusc_gift easylove-loveeasy grew623 aushi1978 iou888iou liangdianup topop8688 hahasoeby western_beef losttreasurestoys therightone11977 respecttheshoes minebazzar annetoy168yiwei peterkhanh risingforcetoys leewh820 inthemizix billet2289 art_u8 bcpetal3 toynk billet2289 finalfantasy.cloud ginag231 seasonjoy sub-price 6930christina bestlaw_goods supergiftmall2009 pm-image kurt6028 aliceevjh653 truely_deeply aliceevjh653 alsonnet kurt6028 miriam_0_tan1 atv888rad cof7788 linda8542 hillsheep31 morris_gz bestlaw_goods powergamer88 concon88862 neopets_pokemon_adoption_agency sweetfunnybox dr.kids aguero2010 aliceevjh653 morris_gz aucbay collectiblesdelectables acmelittlegiant pawpawrick dbshops black-bread tresorhunters usell2001 hkall4u seafateg10 85post tbsmith55433 monkeyntiger88 superoncubecube yyc8316 jack_king2010 justloveu68168 goonwin awesome2u caillougilbert treefrogscollectibles ebidcastle asahitoys tinsanvillage108 visionsea jwyshop one_white_crow jiangshanruhua1985 neway_xin visionsea elegant2020 fancygifthk motel268 verycheapstore liliang19761113 cartoonclothing sexydoll_2008 kathycollections gaga_139 shopinthestore yameimei888 tysondickes iphone-case benq100168 up-memory88 izgo90 6789lch sky08city flyball-sports superhotitems shanshui2011 attractive_treasure yourbesttoy8 besthelpstuff globalbazzar combazaar liwang8788 snowwarm1211 toys_modele 408farmhouse lily060329 xiaomei886809 lionheartjediswag futurepda rhmorgan26 ysh2012 zhouli-ml lfq888 kfitzmaurice we7flowers lducompany cabeshane takeoffpoundssensibly5892 salesrep54 suittie1188 caveaugrenier wiewiora102 this_that4u ral8881010 caveaugrenier_2 phd886 wanghonmei-ey leafvillagetoyshop gamersalley bigger-ant valkyrietower neweracollectables bosscat2011 valkyrietower globebazzar goodvalue2yourdoor nathan1002010 dailysource2005 beauty-service2010 rsp99998 super-mxw forbestdeals123 minitoyz88 ectransfer toy8886 li-mike jaggart13 sweetbaby2212 jasonk110428 dekingscupid visa2012 gleelion luolanjie2009 6789lhp natalyakitty sk0922634 2011toplexus thegreatgamester2008 efortrade giftsandsales bestlaw-toys megames bao98889 pengke2011 2010mary6668 wxf785ad wangli3692012 taobaoitems kjfashion2011 miriamtoystore asianartland

7. Choose "best match" if this is your first search in a long time, or "time: newly listed" if you have recently searched

8. choose 200 in results per page.

If done right, this search will take a 100 page result down to about 10-12 pages.
Let me know if you find this helpfull!


I may have Accidentally included a legitimate seller or two in this list. Sorry if I have. Let me know if I have and I will fix it. I have occasionally screened out legitimate sellers who simply had items I was not interested in since this was originally a personal search list. I have taken those names out, but I may have missed some.

If you have an exclusion list tutorial and want to include mine with it, feel free to do so.

This will not exclude all bootleg sellers, as new ones pop up all the time and I haven't excluded sellers who only occasionally sell bootlegs. You still have to be careful.

This only applies to the Tomy 2 inch figures such as the ones in the Pokemon Monster Collection or Pokemon Battle Figures lines. I have no idea about bootleg plush, cards, or other figure lines, so don't use this list for those, it won't work.

This list only includes bootleggers, not sellers who are simply unreliable.

If you find that new bootleg sellers pop up, all you have to do is paste their name to the end of this list and save it to your computer in a notepad or other text file for future use. Also, feel free to comment with new names.

I have all my figures pictured in my personal journal. There are other members here who have larger collections, but feel free to use my pictures for reference if you want. I have 4 point rotations of each of my figures, so that could be helpful.

Tomy Pokemon Figures: Johto

Tomy Pokemon Figures: Johto

These are Tomy figures of the 100 Pokemon that first appeared in the second set of games (Pokemon Gold and Silver).

I also have most of the figures from the Kanto set here.

These are the Jhoto Pokemon I'm missing: Crobat, Yanma, Girafarig, Forretress,
and Mantine.

I'm also missing any clear versions or alternate poses that may have been made.

These figures are from my personal collection and are not for sale, sorry.

Look under the cut for the Images.

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Tomy Pokemon Figures: Kanto

Tomy Pokemon Figures: Kanto

These are Tomy figures of The 151 Pokemon from the first set of games (Pokemon red and blue). I'm only missing 1: Electrode, as well as some extras such as clear versions and alternate poses.

I also have most from the Jhoto set. here.

These are images from my personal collection and are not for sale. Sorry.

look under the cut for the images.

Edit: For some annoying reason my image links keep getting broken and I am constantly fixing them. If you see a broken image link symbol, clicking it should still take you to the larger image in my scrapbook.

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